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Israel: Will Israeli contestant Michael Ben-David withdraw from the contest?

Rumor has it

Last weekend rumor had it that the Israeli contestant Michael Ben-David might withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 due to reasons that he will not be able to perform the way he wants to perform. A reason that is very vague, and one can only guess what it means.

A vague statement

In an Israeli news outlet Michael Ben-David very “vaguely” stated that he wants to do his music and himself as a performer justice by performing the way he wants to perform, without having to confirm to certain rules he does not agree with or might hurt his integrity as a performer. Next to this, Michael Ben-David mentioned politics as the reason why he might withdraw from the contest.

YouTube, Michael Ben-David – I.M

The rumor mills works overtime

The rumor mill started working overtime, and Eurovision fans jumped on the matter. Reasons as Michael Ben-David having Ukrainian blood started spreading, but also fans who said that the Isreali performer is being deemed too feminine for Eurovision. Thus, we do not know for sure what his reasons might just be for thinking about withdrawing, but the fact is that it is always a shame when somebody chooses or is being forced to withdraw, especially when they are chosen to be the representative of a certain company.

Until further notice

For now we need to see what happens with the Israeli contestant until further notice. We will keep you up to date whenever there are any developments concerning this matter.

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