The Best Of JESC 2015 – The winner is…

The final voting of “The Best Of JESC 2015” is now closed and it’s time to announce the winner!

20 qualifiers from two previous semi-finals have competed in the Grand Final and the top 5 is as it follows:


The winner of “The Best of JESC 2015” is Bulgaria! Congratulations to Krisia, Hasan &  Ibrahim, who represented Bulgaria at Junior Eurovision 2014 with the song “Planet of the Children”!



This is how it worked:

  • Different posts about each edition of Junior Eurovision were published including some interesting facts,  as well as a link to the poll where you were able to vote for your favourite songs on ESC+Plus You.
  • Each poll was opened for four days. The top three of each edition automatically qualified for the Semi-Final round. The 4th and 5th places went into a special “Second Chance” round.
  • 12 editions of Junior Eurovision have taken place until the date.
  • The game included two Semi-Finals and a special “Second Chance” round which was opened before them. A total of 20 songs competed at the Grand Final of #BestOfJESC 2015.


  • Second Chance


  • Semi-Final 1


  • Semi-Final 2



  • Final



See you next year and now, it’s time for a real thing: Junior Eurovision 2015 is here!

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