Switzerland: SRF opens song submission window for Eurovision 2020

Tel Aviv yielded a great result for Switzerland.  The 2019 result of a place in the top 5 was the best result for the country since the 1990s and the first trip to the finals in five years. It is no surprise that the four broadcasters in Switzerland have opted to go the same route for the entry to be sent to the Rotterdam in 2020.

A 100-member audience panel and an international jury of 20 experts will select the winning song and the artist for Switzerland. Details about the registration conditions and the selection process can be found on

Switzerland 2019 first rehearsal

The entry period will be from 2 September to noon on 16 September, songwriters, producers, artists, and lyricists are invited to submit their song for Switzerland’s 2020 Eurovision Song Contest entry. As was the case last year, the songs will not be made publicly available.

The 100-member audience panel and the 20 experts on the international jury will vote on the song submissions and artists. The votes from the audience panel and the jury each count for 50%.

Composers and artists of all nationalities are welcome to submit their entries to the Contest, however – in case of a tie, the performers with Swiss nationality or Swiss residence will have the advantage.

Switzerland narrowly missed out on a place in the Grand Final in Lisbon with Zibbz, and then went to a private selection like what is outlined above to select Luca Hanni.

The artist selected through this process will represent Switzerland in Rotterdam on May 12 or 14 2020, depending on the semi-final Switzerland is allocated to.

Will this method continue to produce superior results? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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