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Sweden: Here are the 30 acts competing in Melodifestivalen 2024

SVT, the Swedish broadcaster has revealed the 30 acts that will compete in Melodifestivalen 2024.

After Loreen’s historic win in Eurovision, Sweden is the host country for the contest next year and the interest in Melodifestivalen 2024 is even bigger than before. All the songs and artists competing in 2024 have been presented.

It feels incredibly fun to be able to tell you about this year’s competing entries. There are several artists hungry for revenge, popular returnees, exciting upstarts and the audience will be met by expressions that we have never heard before in Mello. Melodifestivalen must contain something for everyone. In 2024, viewers will be treated to a wonderful mix of party and glamour, grand and closeness – both when it comes to music and artistic expression on stage. In Mello, anything can happen and the strength is found in the fantastic breadth. Sweden’s party starts in February and everyone is invited!

competition producer Karin Gunnarsson

The 30 acts are revealed in random order. The semi-final allocation and running order will be revealed later on.

Heat 1  –  MALMÖ, 3rd February

Awful Liar  –  Lisa Ajax
Song writers: David Lindgren Zacharias, Sebastian Atas, Victor Crone, Victor Sjöström

Forever Yours  – Elisa Lindström
Song writers: Elisa Lindström, Erik Bernholm, Henric Axelsson, Henrik Sethsson, Thomas G:son

Hela världen väntar  – Samir & Viktor
Song writers: David Kreuger, Fredrik Kempe, Niklas Carson Matsson

Heroes Are Calling  – Smash Into Pieces
Song writers: Andreas ”Giri” Lindbergh, Benjamin Jennebo, Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Per Bergquist

Min melodi  – Melina Borglowe
Song writers: Andreas Mattsson, Melina Borglowe, Thomas G:son

Supernatural  – Adam Woods
Song writers: Adam Woods, Calle Hellberg, Jonna Hall, William Segerdahl

Heat 2 – GOTHENBURG, 10th February

Ahumma  –  C-Joe
Song writers: Charles Koroma, Diana Kambugu, Michael Didriksson, Palle Hammarlund, Tony Malm, Twice Ice

Dragon  – LIAMOO
Song writers: Anderz Wrethov, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Julie “Kill J” Aagaard, LIAMOO

Norrland  –  Engmans Kapell
Song writers: Larry Forsberg, Lennart Wastesson, Sven-Inge Sjöberg

The Silence After You  – Dear Sara
Song writers: Benjamin Rosenbohm, Jonas Thander, Marcus Winther-John, Sara Nutti     

Unga & fria  – Fröken Snusk
Song writers: Fröken Snusk, Sara Ryan

When I’m Gone  – Maria Sur
Song writers: Anderz Wrethov, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Julie “Kill J” Aagaard, Maria Sur

Heat 3 – VÄXJÖ, 17th February

Aldrig mer  –  Clara Klingenström
Song writers: Bobby Ljunggren, Clara Klingenström, David Lindgren Zacharias

Effortless  –  Jacqline
Song writers: Dino Medanhodzic, Jacqline Mossberg Mounkassa, Jimmy Jansson, Moa ”Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker, Thomas G:son

För dig  –  Klaudy
Song writers: William Schenberg, Åke Olofsson

Give My Heart A Break  –  Cazzi Opeia
Song writers: Ellen Berg, Jimmy Jansson, Moa ”Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker, Thomas G:son

I Won’t Shake (La La Gunilla)  –  Gunilla Persson
Song writers: Fredrik Andersson

Take My Breath Away  –  Kim Cesarion
Song writers: Albin Johnsén, Christoffer Johansson, Kim Cesarion, Mattias Andréasson, William Segerdahl

Heat 4 – ESKILSTUNA, 24th February

30 km/h  –  Lia Larsson
Song writers: Axel Schylström, Jimmy Jansson, Lia Larsson, My Söderholm, Thomas G:son

Circus X  –  SCARLET
Song writers: Emil Behmer, Henric Pierroff, Ian-Paolo Lira, Jessica Rachel Chertock, Scarlet, Simon Boustedt, Staffan Amberlind, Thirsty

Done Getting Over You  –  Albin Tingwall
Song writers: Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb

En sång om sommaren  –  Lasse Stefanz
Song writers: Anders Wigelius, Anderz Wrethov, Robert Norberg

Happy That You Found Me  –  Danny Saucedo
Song writers: Kristoffer Fogelmark, John Martin, Michel Zitron

It’s Not Easy to Write a Love Song  –  Dotter
Song writers: Dino Medanhodzic, Johanna “Dotter” Jansson

Heat 5 – KARLSTAD, 2nd March

Back To My Roots  –  Jay Smith
Song writers: Jay Smith, Jonas Jurström, Jonathan Keyes, Maria Jane Smith, Victor Thell

Banne maj  –  Elecktra
Song writers: Anderz Wrethov, Elin Wrethov, Jonny Werner, Robin Werner

Controlla  –  Chelsea Muco
Song writers: Anderz Wrethov, Chelsea Muco, Elsa Carmona Oljelund, FERNAND MP, Karl Flyckt, Pa Modou

Light  –  Annika Wickihalder
Song writers: Annika Wickihalder, Herman Gardarfve, Linnea Gawell, Patrik Jean

Que Sera  –  Medina
Song writers: Ali Jammali, Anderz Wrethov, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Sami Rekik

Unforgettable  –  Marcus & Martinus
Song writers: Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Marcus Gunnarsen, Martinus Gunnarsen

Statistics for Melodifestivalen 2024

A total of 96 authors, of which 70 are men and 26 are women. Of these 96 authors, 40 debut as song writers and 56 have written and competed in Melodifestivalen before. 21 out of 30 competing songs have at least one female author.

A total of 47 artists are competing, of which 22 are making their debut as contestants in Melodifestivalen.

30 entries compete in total, of which 16 are debutants. A total of 2,624 songs were submitted to the competition.

These are the dates and host cities of Melodifestivalen 2024:

3 February: Heat 1 – Malmö
10 February: Heat 2 – Gothenburg
17 February: Heat 3 – Växjö
24 February: Heat 4 – Eskilstuna
2 March: Heat 5 – Karlstad
9 March: Final – Stockholm

Read more about this year’s changes in Melodifestivalen HERE.

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