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ESCZ 2024: Meet the 7 participants in the Czech national final for Eurovision 2024

The Czech television has announced the names of the 7 artists who will be part of the lineup for ESCZ 2024: Aiko, Elly, Gianna Lei, Lenny, MYDY, Tom Sean, and Tomas Robin

The Czech television continues its search for its representative in Eurovision 2024 and is about to hold ESCZ 2024, which will include a live audience this year. The final will take place on December 4th. The Czech public broadcaster will choose its representative through a national final once again, relying on the traditional ESCZ to select the next Eurovision participant.

The Czech public television has revealed the names of the participants in ESCZ 2024, totalling 7 artists. The songs they’ll perform in the national final will be unveiled during the show.

ESCZ 2024: Meet the 7 participating singers

Finally, seven artists will be part of the ESCZ 2024 lineup, all vying to represent the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2024. The selected artists, chosen among numerous submitted songs, will compete for their chance to go to Malmö on December 4th in a show held at Prague’s Roxy Club, hosted by Adam Misik.

Here are the 7 chosen artists for ESCZ 2024:

  1. Aiko
  2. Elly
  3. Gianna Lei
  4. Lenny
  5. MYDY
  6. Tom Sean
  7. Tomas Robin

Who are the participants of ESCZ 2024? Get to know them more.


Born in Moscow, raised in the Czech Republic, and based in Brighton, Aiko is an artist with a unique blend of cultures and influences. She explores themes like love, loneliness, and self-understanding through her music. Her journey in the music industry has been extraordinary, marked by her second album, “Fortune’s Child,” released on October 13, 2023, showcasing her growth as an artist and the depth of her musical skill.

Breaking barriers and making history, Aiko proudly became the first Czech artist to appear in the iconic Times Square. She also earned the distinction of being the first Czech artist to contribute to the global Spotify Equal campaign, emphasizing her commitment to inclusion and equality in the music industry. Aiko’s magnetic presence extends to prestigious magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, where her art is celebrated for its uniqueness and emotional resonance.

Her live performances have become captivating experiences for audiences worldwide, gracing stages at renowned festivals like Rock for People, ESNS, Metronome Prague, The Great Escape, and Grape Festival. Aiko has also had the honor of opening for acclaimed artists such as Alice Merton and Tamino, further solidifying her place in the global music scene.


Elly is a Czech singer and songwriter based in Prague. Influenced by artists like Beyoncé, Sia, and Adele, she infuses her music with a unique touch of her own personality. Her songs have played on major Czech radio stations like Evropa 2, Fajn Radio, and Radiožurnál.

Her song “Are You There” topped the Evropa 2 Music Chart for several weeks and became the sixth most played song in the Czech Republic, according to IFPI. In 2022, she released the single “High Speed” with Ben Cristovao, amassing over 500,000 views on YouTube.

She has performed at festivals like Colours of Ostrava, Prague Pride, and Praha Žije Hudbou.

Gianna Lei

Gianna Lei’s addictive Pop is on the verge of becoming something big. With Bubblegum melodies, genre-transcending rhythms, and clever lyrics capturing the experience of someone having their trust broken for the first time, the London-based artist is causing quite a stir.

Pop music captured Gianna’s heart from a young age. Born in Switzerland and raised in Prague with two older sisters, Gianna spent her youth absorbed in MTV and the escapism it provided through music. Early inspirations like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift laid the groundwork for Gianna’s musical style, with subtle nods to her teenage idols hidden in her songs.

Gianna cites a hospital stay at the age of 13 as a crucial period in her musical journey, where she began playing the guitar to lift her spirits during recovery. Soon after, she set out to reinvent herself by moving to a specialized music school to pursue her lifelong passion for making music, and the fresh-faced Pop newcomer we see today began to take shape. Gianna studied Music Production and Sound Engineering at London’s prestigious Abbey Road Institute, quickly showcasing the technical knowledge to support her compositions and musical talent.

In future releases, listeners will delve deeper into Gianna’s world as they grow artistically alongside her, discovering that this promising talent is much more than meets the eye.


With her unmistakable voice, extraordinary songwriting skills, and strong work ethic, Lenny has established herself as one of the most popular artists in the Czech Republic. She has received 6 Anděl awards (the Czech equivalent of the Grammys) and is a highly sought-after live performer, having shared the stage with artists like Mike Shinoda, Imagine Dragons, LP, and Emeli Sandé. Lenny’s debut album, “Hearts,” captivated both media and fans, securing the top spot on the charts.

Lenny’s blend of rock, pop, and irresistible ballads feels incredibly natural, fused with her most potent weapon: an extremely intense voice that infuses her songs with scandalous intensity. With the release of her single “Hell.o,” breaking records and awarded Song of the Year in the Czech Republic, she reached number 1 on broadcast charts, Spotify, and iTunes.

The song became a breakthrough hit in Italy, and Lenny appeared on Italy’s most famous shows like Che Tempo che Fa and Wind Music Awards on TV Rai 1. She also featured in Vanity Fair Italy and Forbes 30 under 30. On September 2, 2023, Lenny released her anticipated album “Heartbreak Culture,” receiving critical acclaim and adoration from fans. The album boasts production credits from Dan Lancaster (Muse, Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon) and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.


In just ten years in the music scene, MYDY has acquired the status of one of the most famous bands in the Czech Republic. After performing at the Glastonbury festival and a successful tour across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Korea, Mydy Rabycad has shown that Czech musicians’ success can surpass their home country’s borders. All it takes is a clear vision, passion, and belief in oneself.

The band’s story resembles a Hollywood melodrama with a happy ending. The band members met at a summer music camp when they were around 15 years old, united by their common passion for music. At the core of the new formation, alongside Nèro Scartch, saxophonist Mikulas, and bassist Johny D, stands the charismatic singer Žofie Dares. Thanks to her distinctive voice and overall charisma, combined with the playful connection of electronics and energy, they’ve become one of the best-known names in electronic music, not only in the Czech Republic.

Tom Sean

Tom Sean is a singer, actor, composer, and producer. Although he has spent most of his life in Prague, he was born in Dublin. He spent the early years of his childhood there before the family moved back to the Czech Republic.

Like many pop stars today, Tom began gaining popularity on TikTok. Discovered at the age of 14 by Honza Gajdos, one of the prominent Czech music producers who later became his manager and music producer, Tom tends to blur the lines between pop and R&B, occasionally introducing elements of hip-hop and even jazz progressions into his music. He draws inspiration from contemporaries like Ruel, Justin Bieber, HRVY, FINNEAS, and others.

With several singles released, such as “Heart Hotel,” “Reach the Stars,” and “Noční Praha,” Tom is currently working on his anticipated debut album, set for release in 2023.

Tomas Robin

TOMAS ROBIN is the pseudonym of Czech singer and songwriter Tomáš Červinka. Throughout his musical journey, Tomas has accumulated a wealth of experiences, from performances in intimate clubs to gracing the stages of major Czech and Slovak festivals. He’s known for his other projects We on the Moon and The Lighthouse Journey.

He has shared the stage with renowned artists like All Time Low, Deaf Havana, Against The Current, and Young Guns. Notably, with The Lighthouse Journey, he made history as the first Czech artist to appear on the influential British radio program Kerrang.

In May 2022, Tomas announced his new musical project, TOMAS ROBIN. In July 2022, he released his debut single “Same Pages,” describing it as follows: “I’ve never felt as much desire for music as now. ‘Same Pages’ is about nostalgia and melancholy, but in the end, these songs give you hope.”

His participation in various European composition camps further enriched his knowledge, contributing both with his compositions and collaborating on projects for fellow musicians. Exploring the heart of British pop, Tomáš’s characteristic reverberating vocal tone brings an emotional focus and authenticity to his current work. His latest single, “too good to be true,” has been critically acclaimed and is currently playing on several radio stations.

ESCZ 2024: What to expect from the national final, when and where it will take place, how to watch, and how to vote?

The Czech national final will be celebrated grandly with a live gala this year, featuring an audience. ESCZ 2024 will take place on Monday, December 4th, starting at 20:15 CET at the Roxy Club in Prague. Invitations are available for the public; to obtain them, send the details (name and date of birth) of those who wish to attend to [email protected].

For the second consecutive year, ESCZ 2024 will be hosted by Adam Misik and will be entirely in English. As in previous editions, the public vote will determine the Czech representative, but the voting method is yet to be disclosed.

The gala will feature 7 participating artists, selected from over 200 submissions, with only one becoming the flagbearer for the Czech Republic in Malmö. The songs will remain unheard until the December 4th gala, where they will be performed live and for the first time.

The gala can be watched live on Monday, December 4th, from the Roxy Music Hall on ČT Art and iVysílání in the Czech Republic and on the official Eurovision YouTube channel worldwide.

Czechia in Eurovision

Czechia was one of the Central European countries that took longer to participate in Eurovision, making its debut only in 2007 (differing from its neighbors like Poland, Hungary, or Slovakia, which debuted in 1994). In their first edition, they brought Kabát with the song “Malá dáma” to Helsinki, achieving a sad last place.

Their first qualification for the Eurovision grand final came in 2016, after their return in 2015 (the country did not participate between 2010 and 2014 due to poor results), with Gabriela Gunčíková’s “I Stand,” which only reached the 25th position in the final with 41 points.

In 2018, they reached their peak at the festival, securing a remarkable 6th place thanks to Mikolas Joseph and his “Lie to Me,” amassing a total of 281 points in the grand final held in Lisbon.

However, the following years were somewhat lukewarm for the country. In 2022, they offered one of the best pre-selections of the season and returned to the final with We Are Domi and their “Lights Off,” entering the favorites’ predictions of many Eurovision fans. Nonetheless, they ultimately finished in a disappointing 22nd place, despite reaching the 4th place in the semifinal.

In 2023, the musical group Vesna, composed entirely of female members, was chosen in the ESCZ national final to represent the country in Eurovision, where they finished in the 10th position in the grand final with 129 points with their song “My Sister’s Crown.”


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