Spain: Pastora Soler stops musical career

Pastora Soler has announced thorough her social accounts she will temporarily stop her musical career due to stage fright.

The Spanish singer has sadly announced she can’t get over the stage fright she has been suffering since last March 8 when she had a faint during one of her concerts. After a break, she thought she could continue with her career and she had beaten that fear but, yesterday, she had another attack during her concert in Málaga (Spain) which even affected her voice.

Pastora soler feels really dejected about this decision being very sorry for her fans at the same time she admits she should have stop her career a few months ago. She is a very brave person who didn’t want to give up her career.

Pastora Soler represented Spain at Eurovision 2012 with the song “Quédate Conmigo” earning a 10th place, one of the best Spanish results in the last decade.

We wish Pastora Soler all the best from ESC+Plus, we hope she gets better soon and continues doing what she loves: singing.



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