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Spain: Edurne finishes recording videoclip for Amanecer (Break Of Day)

The Spanish Eurovision representative for this year’s Eurovision, Edurne García, has just finished making up the videoclip for her Eurovision entry, Amanecer, penned by Swedish Eurovision Dream-Team Thomas G.sön, Peter Boström and Tony Sánchez Ohlsson.

The artist admits being excited about the presentation of the song, she just wants it as soon as possible, ”I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about it, we’re going stronger this year, it’s a hit everyone could fall in love with and the result is impressive, hope everyone could appreciate it”. She is not the only ”star” starring in the video.

What do you think about the Spanish entrant this year? How much are you looking forward to listening to the song?

Stay tuned for more news about the Spanish entry, coming in due time, here on ESC+Plus.

Source:  RTVE
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