San Marino: Work has started on 2020 entry after historic result

Saturday was a historic day in the Eurovision history of San Marino.

Serhat’s ‘Say Na Na Na’ was discussed as a potential qualifier for the finals after the semi-final 1 running order showed that it would close the show.  Fans optimistic of a San Marino final qualification were at best cautious.

Clearly, the fans were cautious in the right way and took to the phones to vote for Serhat to guarantee him his spot in this past Saturday’s grand final.

What happened next, took everyone by a surprise.  As San Marino was amongst the favorites to be relegated to 26th on the leaderboard ahead of Saturday’s final – they went well beyond expectations with their finish in 20th place, ensuring the best ever result for the Italian micro-state.

Eurovision 2019 Grand Final results

What is perhaps, most revealing is the level of enthusiasm San Marino fans have in that in the first semi-final San Marino finished fourth in the televote — ahead of blockbuster fan favorites such as Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia giving them an 8th place total overall – comfortably in the qualification zone from a points perspective.

When the full final results were revealed, San Marino ended up in the top 10 of the televote – this time also ahead of big names of Miki from Spain and Bilal from France.

Today, the director of San Marino RTV confirmed that they are already at work for the 2020 San Marinese entry.  Can they do even better with this momentum?  Say Na Na Na and let us know in the comments.


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