Junior Eurovision

Russia wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017

The winner of the 15th edition of the Junior Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest is Russia! Congratulations!

Russia has just got the first prize of Europe’s children song competition with the song “Wings”. Georgia has finished second, while the third place has been achieved by Australia.

16 countries have competed at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017:

  1. Nicole Nicolaou – I Wanna Be A Star (Cyprus)
  2. Alicja Rega – Mój Dom (Poland)
  3. FOURCE – Love Me (The Netherlands)
  4. Misha – Boomerang (Armenia)
  5. Helena Meraai – I Am The One (Belarus)
  6. Mariana Venâncio – Youtuber (Portugal)
  7. Muireann McDonnell – Súile Glasa (Ireland)
  8. Mina Blazev – Dancing Through Life (FYR Macedonia)
  9. Grigol Kipshidze – Voice Of The Heart (Georgia)
  10. Ana Kodra – Mos Ma Prekni Pemen (Albania)
  11. Anastasiya Baginska – Don’t Stop (Ukraine)
  12. Gianluca Cilia – Dawra Tond (Malta)
  13. Polina Bogusevich – Wings (Russia)
  14. Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović – Ceo Svet Je Naš (Serbia)
  15. Isabella Clarke – Speak Up (Australia)
  16. Maria Iside Fiore – Scelgo (Italy)

How Was The Winner Chosen?

A combination of a two-round online audience vote decided 50% of the outcome, while the other half was determined by a professional jury panel in each country, made up of adults and kids. You can find more information about the online voting below:

  • First phase: This phase was open for two days, since last Friday at 18:00 CET until the show started today, at 15:59 CET. Once inside the website, voters were required to watch a recap of the songs taking part before entering the voting platform. After watching the recap, they also had the option to watch one-minute clips of each participant’s rehearsal. People were able to vote for a minimum of three countries and a maximum of five, including their own country.
  • Second phase: After the last performance of the live show, the online voting was open again for 15 min.

You can check the scoreboard below:

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has been broadcast live from Tbilisi Olympic Palace. Helen Kalandadze and Lizi Pop were the hosts of the show, which featured Mariam Mamadashvili and The Virus as special guests. The next edition of the competition will take place in November 2018 in Minsk (Belarus).

Watch the show again below:

What do you think this about the winner? Did you enjoy the show? Let us know in comments!

Junior Eurovision

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