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Romania 2024: It is final, this country will not compete in this year’s contest

It is final, Romania will not compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden). This was decided after a voting sequence by the Board of Directors of Romania’s national broadcaster, TVR.

What is the reason for Romania to not compete in Eurovision this year?

After a voting round today there was decided by the Board of Directors of TVR, the Romanian national broadcaster, that this country will not participate in the contest of 2024. The reason is lack of funds to participate and that if the funds would be minimal the act that would represent Romania would not be up to par with how Romania wants to be represented in the biggest musical contest of the world. Eventually there were 5 votes “in favour”, 4 “abstentions”, and 4 “against”.

How many countries will compete in the contest in Malmö (Sweden) this year?

For now 37 countries will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, although it is not sure whether Iceland might withdraw because of Israel being able to compete in this year’s contest.


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