Get ready for Eurovision 2016 with our new show “Road To Stockholm”!

Are you having any troubles while waiting for the biggest European show to be held next month? Do you want to know more about your favourite singers of this year’s Eurovision? We have the foolproof recipe: sit down and watch our new video series – Road To Stockholm!

Road To Stockholm is the latest show, leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, produced by the ESC+Plus YouTube channel team and hosted by Milo from DailyPlus. In this 5-part show, you will get the chance to learn some more about the artists and songs competing at this year’s Eurovision and the national selection shows from which they were chosen.

The first episode came out yesterday and you can watch it below:

Don’t miss out the remaining episodes coming on Tuesdays and Fridays! Enjoy the show and get to know more about Eurovision 2016!


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