Report: Will Ex-Sex Pistol’s John Lydon represent Ireland at Eurovision 2018?

According to The Irish Sun, songwriter Niall Mooney has sent a song to RTE that could be performed by former Sex Pistol’s member John Lydon at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The track is called ‘Pleased to Meet You’ and it’s descibed as cross between country and punk.

Niall Mooney composed ‘Pleased to Meet You’ along with Brendan McCarthy, and sent it to Lyndon’s management in order to make the 61-year old star a proposal to represent Ireland in Lisbon.

He said: “RTE told us to find singers who are used to playing to big crowds, a catchy song and, most of all, something unexpected which has never been done before at Eurovision.”

“I wrote to Johnny’s management, describing the idea of Johnny representing Ireland in Eurovision.”

“They came back to me saying, ‘You may be surprised but we totally get this’.”

John Lydon sees himself fully qualified to represent Ireland in such a big event:

Lydon told the Irish Sun: “It would be a great honour for me to represent Ireland for the Eurovision Song Contest”

Now, it’s up to RTE to select the Irish entry for the competition, but seems that they’re not really keen on this choice:

They said: “This could be even worse for Ireland than Dustin the Turkey with John Lydon screaming into a microphone at Eurovision in Portugal next year.”

An official announcement is expected to be made after Christmas. Stay tuned!

Source : The Irish Sun

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. beccaboo1212

    December 2, 2017 at 17:40

    Nah. I’d rather Samantha Mumba represent Ireland. :/

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