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Report: Eurovision 2019 Cypriot song has already been recorded

Reports are coming out of the Cypriot site, Eurofan that it was discussed on TV today in Cyprus that the 2019 selection has already been recorded.  In recent weeks there has been lots of speculation that the artist Tamta has been approached by both Greece and Cyprus to be their representatives.  The article goes on to speculate that all of the rumours will soon be put to rest when a song that is ‘even better’ than Fuego is heard.  If it is Tamta and the sound of her 2015 hit ‘Unloved’ is anything to go by — It could happen!

Could these rumours be true?  Could there ever be a song that is ‘even better’ than Fuego?   Will Eleni also make an appearance in Tel Aviv as previously reported?  Let us know.

Visit us again in the next couple of weeks for updates on these rumours!!!


Source:  Eurovisionfun

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