Croatia: Dora 2019 submissions open

As previously reported Croatia will be reviving its natural selection final Dora this year in determining the Croatian representative to go to Tel Aviv.

Today we received detailed rules on how the competition will go.

  • Submission period:  Opens today!  20th November and will run until 10th January 2019. Candidates shall apply through the form available on the official website of the competition.
  • Performers must be Croatian nationals but can sing in any one of the following languages:  Italian, Croatian, French or English
  • Once the submission period closes, a professional jury will select 16 finalists and 2 alternates.
  • During the live shows – the winner will ultimately be picked by a combination of jury and public votes.

It was previously reported that the final will take place on 16 of February.

Are you pleased to see Croatia resurrect the use of Dora as its national selection process? Let us know and stay tuned for more exciting details!

Source : HRT

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