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Predictions: ESCplus International previews Irish Eurosong 2024

In this article you can read our prediction for tonight’s Irish national final, Eurosong 2024. We are very curious to see what will happen tonight, and who is going to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden).

Keep in mind that when we published this article we did not know about the acts of all the artists in this national final, our prediction fully comes from the announced songs that will be featured in tonight’s show.

An overview of the songs and our comments

Below you can find an overview of all songs, like they will be featured in tonight’s national final, and our comments per song.

Isabella Kearney – Let Me Be the Fire

Although we love the very current DJ vibe of the song, Isabella’s vocals, and we do feel that this could be a song that could be in the charts these days, we do feel that this song might be quickly forgotten in the contest. There is something more needed to do well, especially in the semi-finals where there are no professional national juries.

Source: ESCflare YouTube channel

Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue

This song is pretty out there, and a totally new way for Ireland to handle its Eurovision participation. The song is a lot and it seems to have a lot of different music genres united in just one song. It is not our style, but we love it because it is very “daring”, and not just another bland song from Ireland, like in recent years.

Source: Bambie Thug YouTube channel

JyellowL ft. Toshín – Judas

This rap and regularly sung song just does not do it for us. We do like it, because it shows the diversity of the Irish national final of this year, but this song seems to be “just there”, and has no impact whatsoever for us. We do not think this song will make a dent in any of the two semi-finals.
source: ESCflare YouTube channel

Alisha – Go Tobann

Ireland meets Asian pop. It seems like every national final has a dose of Asian pop this year, which is not necessary if you are asking us. If this year is going to produce a lot of Käärijää clones, we might see this song competing for Ireland in Malmö. This is our least favourite song in tonight’s running order. On a positive note, if Ireland sends this, it could benefit from Ireland stepping out of their comfort zone, but that is the only thing.

Source: Alisha YouTube channel

Next in Line – Love Like Us

One Direction all over again, that is cute and all, but it also feels like this is the junior version of last year’s band, Wild Youth. The song is very bland, and it sounds like something we have heard a million times before. This song will have a hard time making it through the semi-final, unless a lot of young girls and boys from Europe and beyond are going to vote. We, personally, do not think it will stand a chance.

Source: ESCflare YouTube channel

Erica-Cody – Love Me Like I Do

Good intro, lovely deep voice, sexy and sassy lyrics, and a gorgeous singer. If this song is well-sung this could be a real kicker. We are like: “Play this again, we really like this!”. Good ‘80’s synthesizer vibe as well. We totally dig this. Let’s go, Erica-Cody, you got this! We so hope that this act can sing well, because the last couple of years Ireland did not get famous for sending the best singers.

Source: ESC Everyday YouTube channel

Our prediction

If we have to go by solely the songs, since we did not see the acts yet, but also our gut feeling, we have to say that this is our top 3.

  1. Erica-Cody – Love Me Like I Do
  2. Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue
  3. Alisha – Go Tobann

Alisha we would choose because the song is so out there, and so far from what Ireland is sending every year. We would choose Bambie Thug for the look of the singer and the experimental vibe of the song, which would be a whole new vibe for Ireland. Our top-favourite is Erica-Cody, because this song could be on the radio right now, and we would vibe on it, it is very now, and easy on the ears.

All stands and falls with the performance tonight, because the three acts that we have chosen could really benefit from immaculate performances, all in their own genre and right.

Where to watch the Irish national final, Eurosong 2024?

You can watch Irish Eurosong 2024 online on our dedicated live website, “ESCplus Live”, which you can find by clicking here.

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