Portugal: Running order for Festival Da Canção 2019 semifinals announced

Everything is now ready to kick off the annual Portuguese TV show, who will get the ticket to Tel Aviv?

Today, Radio Televisão de Portugal announced the running order for each of the semi-finals of this year’s Festival da Canção. The slot assigned to each of the competing acts has been decided by the producers of the show and most likely RTP board in charge of Eurovision. The first heat of this historical contest is set for the 16th of February and it will also be moving on to another heat on the 23rd of February where the last qualifiers for the grand final will be known.

You can check how the running order for both of the semi-finals will look like:

SEMIFINAL 1 – 16th of February (RTP studios in Lisbon)

  1. Ana Cláudia – Inércia
  2. João Campos – É o que é
  3. Soraia Tavares – O Meu Sonho
  4. Calema – A Dios
  5. Conan Osíris – Telemóveis
  6. Ela Limão – Mais Brillante Que Mil Sóis
  7. Filipe Keil – Hoje
  8. Matay – Perfeito

SEMIFINAL 2 – 23rd of February (RTP studios in Lisbon)

  1. Lara Laquiz – O Lugar
  2. Dan Riverman – Lava
  3. Mariana Bragada – Mar Doce
  4. João Couto – O Jantar
  5. Madrepaz – Mundo A Mudar
  6. Surma – Pugna
  7. Mila Dores – Debaixo Do Luar
  8. NBC – Igual A Ti

The grand final of the Portuguese national selection show for Eurovision will take place on the 2nd of March live from Portimão Arena, where up to 4.000 attendees will be able to watch how Claudia Pascoal & Isaura will pass the crown to the next act flying the country’s flag in the contest in May.

In both semi-finals, a professional jury and the televoters will get a 50% say each in which entries qualify to the final on March the 2nd. In the final seven regional juries will decide the outcome alongside the Portuguese televoters.

You can find the hosts of the entire show below:

  • 1st Semifinal: Sónia Araújo and Tânia Ribas de Oliveira
  • 2nd Semifinal: Jorge Gabriel and José Carlos Malato
  • Final: Vasco Palmeirim and Filomena Cautela

Who are you rooting for this year? Do you think they have any act who can take the crystal microphone back to Portugal? Let us know in comments or use your social media channels to reach us!

Source : RTP

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