Portugal: RTP will finally broadcast this year’s contest!

They’re not in for Stockholm but this does not mean they are leaving the fans behind! Although it was not the first decision which was taken by Radio e Televisão Portuguesa, best known as RTP among the fans, the broadcaster has decided to broadcast all three Eurovision 2016 shows after being asked by the EBU for a ”special” budget, significantly lower than the rest of participating broadcasters.

The announcement was made by RTP’s Programming Director Daniel Deusdado, which declared that the decision was taken after reaching an agreement with the EBU: ”Eurovision is pretty expensive, but after EBU knew we were declining to air the contest, they offered us to do it by following the acceptance of an extraordinary price”.

Deusdado also stated that at first it was not taken into consideration due to financial problems. The budget they already had was not going to affect the European and Olympic Games, but was not enough for Eurovision. Everything turned to different scale by saying ”YES” to EBU. ”So we don’t have to make a very strong investment anymore”, he concluded.

In the past, the rules said that a non-participating country, nor even broadcasting the shows of the year, would not be able to enter the contest the following edition… Croatia dared to do it last year and they are sending a Lighthouse to Stockholm, so this rule could have finally be taken down by, anyway RTP has nothing to worry about now.

Would you like to see Portugal coming back next year? Stay tuned for further information about Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest!

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