EUROPanel 2016 – Votes from André Vásáry (Hungary)

Today, we bring you the votes of our expert panel member André Vásáry from Hungary:

France – 12 points

Denmark – 10 points

Australia – 8 points

Armenia – 7 points

Azerbaijan – 6 points

Israel – 5 points

Malta – 4 points

Belarus – 3 points

Norway – 2 points

Belgium – 1 point

About André Vásáry:

André Vásáry, the MALE SOPRANO singer who can already be proud of three gold records and one platinum, has established his present popularity with more than 12 years of hard work.

In December 2015, Vásáry was announced as one of the singers in the 2016 edition of A Dal, the Hungarian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, competing with the song Why?. He competed in the final, but was not one of the superfinalist

What’s EuroPanel?

EUROPanel is an ESC+Plus Network feature which brings former Eurovision and national selection participants together to create an annual pan-European scoring of the contest. You can visit the official website of EUROPanel and find out more about this year’s expert panel by clicking here.

NOTE: The results of EUROPanel will be mixed with the ones from our official Eurovision Style Poll in order to generate a final prediction of this year’s edition.




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