Portugal: RTP reveals official set of rules for ‘Festival Da Cançao 2015’

This afternoon, the Portuguese broadcaster made it clear. The rules for this year’s edition of this recognised Portuguese song contest, used as a national final to pick the Portuguese song for the Eurovision Song Contest from a while ago back, have just been revealed.

2 semifinals and then, the grand final have been planned for this year’s show, where 12 songs (6 will compete in each of the semis) will fight for the ticket to Vienna. The three with the highest amount of points will make it through for the final (2 chosen by the televoting and the other one by a jury panel, made up of the 6 songwriters competing on each of the semifinals, they can’t vote for their own entry). In the final, the 2 with the most votes received by the televoting and 1 by the jury, will go through a superfinal, therefore it will up to the audience in Portugal, which song they like to be represented with in Vienna. Winning songwriters will earn 750€ each, for the music and the lyrics, respectively.

12 Portuguese songwriters will be approached for the songs, then each team will pick their respective artist in order to sing the song, compulsory to be in Portuguese language and 3 minutes long. Deadline to send the songs in comes on the 5th of February. It’s also possible for a songwriter to send several songs, but in charge of RTP to pick the one they consider best as well as the performance on stage.

Are you excited on how Portugual will look like on the Eurovision stage in Vienna? Stay tuned for more news about this year’s Festival Da Cançao!



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