Latvia: Get to know the first 10 participants of Supernova!

On Sunday, the Latvian preselection this year, Supernova, is kicking off. Participants and creative team have been working hard to prepare a funny show with its own spirit of competition, varied and colorful. The 10 contenders who are going to presented to the audience on Sunday competing for a ticket in the semifinal are:

Katrīna Cīrule “Bass” (Katrīna Cīrule, Jānis  Ķirsis/Katrīna Cīrule)
Lana Frančeska “Lions” (Ingars Viļums/Lana Frančeska Švilpe)
Atis Ieviņš “Catfish” (Ralfs Eilands, Reinis Briģis/Ralfs Eilands)
Milenin & Kamilla “Colours of Love” (Gaitis Lazdāns/Mārtiņš Taranda)
Antra Stafecka “It’s the night” (Antra Stafecka/Kerija Kalēja)
Framest “Ziemā” (Jānis Ķirsis/Inga Pizāne – Dilba)
Linda Ķaukule “Save our Love” (Ruslans Kuksinovičs/Ruslans Kuksinovičs)
MNTHA “Nefelibata” (Marija Mickeviča/Marija Mickeviča)
Rihards Saule “Life Lines” (Lauris Valters/Lauris Valters)
ElektroFolk “Sundance” (Ainārs Majors/Arnolds Kārklis)

The competition will start this Sunday at 21.20 (local time) on LTV. Only 4 spots are available. Who will get them?

Stay tuned for more news about the Latvian preselection!

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