Eurovision 2014

Portugal: 10 composers ready to fight!

Today RTP has finally revealed the names of the 10 composers that will be joining the Portuguese Festival Da Cançao in March. Some of them already enjoyed recognisement by entering the Eurovision Song Contest for Portugal or even Belgium or Belarus in the past.

Do you want to know who they are? Take a look at the line-up so far, below:

  • Carlos Coelho & Andrej Babic
  • Emanuel
  • Jan Van Dijck
  • João Matos
  • João Só
  • Marc Paelinck
  • Nuno Feist
  • Ricardo Afonso
  • Tiago Pais
  • Tozé Santos

Rumored artists who could be behind the entries are: FF, No Stress, Ricardo Afonso (The Voice UK 2013), Carlos Costa (FDC 2012), Rui Andrade (NF 2012).

RTP set to hold the whole proccess in Convento Do Beato (Lisbon) next March 8th (semifinal) and the grand final on the 15th of March. 10 of them will fight for a qualification to the next round, where only 5 will get making it. The televoting round will last from the very end of the semifinal till moments before the final is taking place.

Then, we will be having the singer who will succeed Filipa Sousa as next Portuguese representative at the pan-european production in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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