Poll Results: Here is your winner of Belarus’ Eurofest 2018

The Final of the Belarusian national selection for Eurovision 2018 “Eurofest” will take place today.

A few days ago, we launched a poll to let our readers send their votes and know their opinion about the competing entries.

The results look as it follows:

Eurofest 2018 - Belarus

Alekseev - Forever 408
Anastasia Malashkevich - World on fire 285
Napoli - Chasing rushes 251
Gunesh - I will not cry 239
ALEN HIT - I do not care 231
Lexy - Ain’t you 180
Cyril Hood - Deja Vu 172
Radio wave - Subway lines 172
Adagio - You and I 165
Shuma - Hmarki 130

Number of voters: 42

Thanks to all the readers for their votes and may the best song win! You can follow all the shows on our Multi-Window Live Feed.

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