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Poland: Tulia (2019) demands more transparency from Polish national broadcaster

Remember “Tulia”, the group that represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song “Fire of Love (Pali się)”? The all-girl group wants to return to the contest when there would be more transparency from the Polish national broadcaster, TVP.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Tulia – Fire of Love (Pali Sie) (2019)

Call for more transparency

Tulia’s call for more transparency from TVP derives from this year’s Polish national final, during which Blanka was chosen with the song “Solo”. Rumours said that during the afternoon of the day of the national final there was a report on a Polish news site that stated that it was known that Blanka would win the Polish national final, when the televised national final was not even broadcasted live yet; the report was pulled from the website, and was put online again after the Polish national final was done. Both Blanka’s family background, and the intentions of her record label and TVP were put in question.

That the voting results of the 2023 Polish national final have never been made public only adds to the whole ordeal. It even went so far that the Polish OGAE fan club (national fan clubs of the Eurovision Song Contest) filed a complaint at the Provincial Administrative Court in Poland against TVP’s decision to not reveal the outcome of the national selection votes.

What Tulia stated

Tulia stated that there needs to be more transparency when it comes down to the organization of the Polish national final regarding voting, selection, results, preparations, and contact with the audience. These conditions should be met when it comes down for Tulia to compete in the contest again. Tulia is open to having a sit-down with all parties involved.

Eurovision 2023

In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023 in Liverpool (United Kingdom) Poland was represented by Blanka with the song “Solo”. Although Blanka was put in the spotlight for mostly negative reasons regarding the whole Polish national selection, she managed to come in 3rd (of 16) in Semi-final 2, and eventually 19th (of 26) in the Grand Final.
Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Blanka – Solo (2023)

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