Song Review: Emin & Ani – “Ya ne mogu skazat'”

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Emin making the most dramatic entrance as interval act at Eurovision 2012.  Suspending artists from wires seems to be the way forward, a method that was spectacularly trumped when Conchita arrived on stage like a floating Jesus in 2015. Anyway, enough of that…

Emin has teamed up with Eurovision megastar Ani Lorak for his latest single, “Я не могу сказать” (I Can Not Tell You), and it has already proved to be a hit in many countries already. Upon release on October 18th, it went straight to the top the iTunes charts in many countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus Kazakhstan Russia and Ukraine, and within it’s first week on YouTube, it has already managed to get over 3 million views.

A song about love (aren’t they all), written about Emin’s long-lost love for someone who he still cares deeply for, and the lyrics do seem to suggest that. In fact, it sounds like the oldest tragic love story in the book.  Boy meets girl… boy falls in love…. boy has heart-broken… boy makes hit record.  If only I could sing as well as these two, I think I would be a multi-millionaire by now.  Now the lyrics to this song are really special, and indeed Ani Lorak herself said yes to working on this song with Emin as soon as she had read the lyrics.  It’s a lyrical masterpiece when it comes to love songs, and I feel really dragged in by the words they are singing and relating myself.  All the best songs do this, you find your own meaning or experience from a song, but not all songs seem to achieve it.  This however, seems to achieve that very well.

Now I’ve been a fan of Emin’s for a very long time, in recent times he’s been trying some new sounds like on songs like “Amor” and “Boomerang“, but this song with Ani Lorak, goes back to what he does best; epic love ballads, and the addition of Ani to the record only adds to the success that is coming for this song.  As stated before, it’s already gone to the top of iTunes charts in many countries upon release.

Ani Lorak, of course, represented Ukraine in Eurovision 2008 with song “Shady Lady”, finishing in 2nd place behind Dima Bilan from Russia, and she continually shows that she is more than just the ‘Queen Slay’ that she is often dubbed.  Her vocal range she continues to show is much larger than her Eurovision performance would allow you to believe. This song, perfectly shows you why she is so huge in the Russian music market.

Emin who last year toured with British boyband, Take That, on the European leg of their 2015 tour as warm up act, is showing yet again that he wants to break into the European music market. Touring with such a big band like Take That, and singing with Ani Lorak, will get him further noticed in Europe, especially with the fan base which Ani does have in the rest of Europe.  Key thing though, is Eurovision.

Emin, when are you going to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision?

All in all, “Я не могу сказать” is a great love song to help us remember as the dark nights draw in and cold comes, that we will wait forever for that one person we love, and probably always will.

You can check out more music from Emin and Ani Lorak by heading to their official YouTube pages, I promise you won’t regret it.


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