Eurovision 2016 Review – Switzerland

Can Canadian Rykka get Switzerland out of the semis… I kinda hope so. This was the first entry from this year’s competition I really liked. The pop ballad gives me some Grimes comparisons in all the right ways. I like the slow start and triumphant chorus. The song has momentum and doesn’t fall flat.

I do believe that “The Last Of Our Kind” stands out. It’s a little bit of dark pop which I love and I’m hoping the staging will enhance the song.

Rykka will have to make sure her live vocal is on point. I actually think we could see this in the final. Semi final two is the weaker one  but without a strong on stage performance this song could find itself in the dust. Rykka needs to be ready for the madness that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Stockholm is no joke and I really hope the onstage performance is strong.

What do you think?

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