Eurovision 2016 Review – Sweden

This is a tricky entry. Frans won comfortably thanks to the televotes from Swedes. His stripped down live performance did not include dancers or fancy LED projections. The teen sat down in a hat and sang this simple Ed Sheeran-esque track.

  1. I like the song.
  2. I like Frans.
  3. I do not think this is the right song for Eurovision.

This is a perfectly good song but I feel as if it boarder-line mocks the competition by trying to seem “above” the theatrics we’ve all come to expect from a winning Eurovision song. I was pulling for Sweden to win two years in a row and they probably could have with an act other than Frans.

If I Were Sorry,” is a radio ready track that sounds like something Ed Sheeran would release. Wait… Did he release it already (kidding)? The alt-pop feel is very NOW. Young girls are going to have it hard when it comes to voting this year between Frans, Joe & Jake, Freddie, Sergey, Lighthouse X, Donny and Douwe there is an abundance of teen friendly eye candy. The song definitely stands out from the other entries this year. The onstage performance has a genuine quality about it and there’s a sincerity in his voice.

Unfortunately, Frans may have a rude awakening on home turf in May. From what I’m seeing online, Frans is going to have a hard time garnering jury points. This year isn’t weak and he’ll be facing some tough competition…

How do you feel about “If I Were Sorry“?

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