Eurovision 2016 Review – Denmark

Denmark’s Eurovision 2016 pre selection crowned Lighthouse X the winner. Anja and Simone fans, it is time to put down the torches and get behind Lighthouse X. This song is not that bad and they killed their onstage performance (that’s a good thing). Denmark had a very strong pre selection and Lighthouse X shined on stage. They don’t need to rehearse. They could do exactly what they did in Denmark and shine again with “Soldiers of Love“.

Søren, Johannes and Martin have 3x the sex appeal of Sergey, Donny, and Freddie. With silky 90s pop vocals reminiscent of the UK’s Blue. The lyrical content is not complex. The melody has a familiarity that is welcome with me. These guys have performed in musicals and I can tell, they are comfortable on stage.

The generic quality of the song has some thinking Denmark won’t make it to the final. I think this could “struggle,” but I do think it’ll be in the final.

The song is not that bad and the onstage performance will be a highlight of semi final 2. Denmark Eurovision 2016, could surprise us all with a top 10 finish.

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