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Eurovision 2016 Review – Czech Republic

Czech Republic has picked a beautiful ballad that is beautifully sung by the talented Gabriela Gunčíková, “I Stand“. Czech Republic, or should I say Czechia, opted to go with and international team of writers and that choice has seemingly paid off. This song may not have the buzz that some of the bookie’s favorites have, but it is not weak. This song could be a serious contender in year’s past.

I love this song. Gabriela’s vocals are clear and effortless. She has been in the States for some time touring and training and that work has paid off. Gunčíková was selected internally by a jury of experts to out of more than 40 entries. This song has the potential to surprise Eurovision voters who may already rooting for artist like Dami Im and Ira Losco.

I’m the one who rose and fall
I’ve played my heart
When I played the part
But it got me through the rain
I have felt the strain

Where some entries are giving us strong vocals and low lyrical content this entry gives us both. This doesn’t seem to be Czechia’s year but I’m hoping Gabriela will surprise us all on the stage at Eurovision 2016.

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