Eurovision 2016 Review – Belarus

It is not THAT bad… Okay, there’s been a lot of talk about this track. IVAN will represent Belarus with “Help You Fly” a rock entry.  The visuals in the performance will no doubt take on an interesting role in the semi final.

The chorus is strong and catchy. IVAN struggles with his pronunciation on some of the words and undoubtedly holds the entry back. Although, I don’t hate this song I fear that it’ll struggle on the Eurovision stage. If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that this doesn’t make it out of the finals.  This year has a surprising number of rock entries and this is probably the weakest in the bunch.

They’ve revamped the song a bit but it still feels a little dated. IVAN’s styling is minimal and doesn’t do him any favors. The Eurovision Song Contest is a show and I fear that poor IVAN simply won’t be able to bring this song to life onstage.

If Belarus decides to mix thing up and show IVAN with a band behind him I think that would help. I also think IVAN needs a serious rock makeover to inject some cool.

What do you think? Will Belarus make it out of the semis?

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