REACTION: Timebelle, Apollo

Switzerland is on to something with Timbelle’s Apollo. Switzerland made the right choice in their final. The mid-tempo power ballad has quality production value and Switzerland is off to a very strong start this Eurovision season. Timebelle’s Miruna Manescu has an amazing voice. She sounds clear and the lilt in her voice is just beautiful. She brings power and grace to a relatively strong track.

This song continues us on our power ballad trend for Eurovision 2017. In comparison to the track we have now (Feb 6th), this song is stronger. It is a ballad with a heartbeat and I mean that is every sense of the word. The song doesn’t have any deep meaning, it is just a simple love song. I love that.

How can Switzerland make it to the Eurovision Song Contest final?

  • Elevate the styling. Miruna Manescu needed a true hot comb and curler. The dress I like but I’d amp it up with a longer train. Hire a new makeup artist and swap out the jewelry for something more lavish.
  • Deepen the contrasts. The show is looking very RED. Mix up the lights and the petals to reflect yellows and oranges.
  • We NEED Dancers. I’ve said this before and I feel like a broken record. We need to fill the stage in Kyiv, Ukraine. Some simple choreography that isn’t distracting would be welcome.

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