REACTION: Tako Gachechiladze, Keep The Faith

Georgia is switching up things from last year. “Keep the Faith,” is a power ballad sung powerfully by Tako (or Tamara).  Don’t be distracted, this beauty has pipes to sell this song. The song definitely “feels” Eurovision with its uplifting message. How will this do in Kiev?

My instant feel of the song itself isn’t completely positive. It feels dated. I am not a huge message song fan because it feels desperate. Jamala’s “1944,” was a message song done REALLY REALLY well. This song is just ok. It’s orchestral feel makes me think of this as an Act 2 climax in a Broadway show. Tako is what elevates the song. Her vocals are powerful and unique. Her energy and tone gives a somewhat cliche entry a chance of standing out.

The staging in the national final seems simple… and then things go left. The video playing in the background HAS to be dropped before Kiev. We know what the song is about. The ominous news clippings and then people singing along is heavy-handed. Think of Jamala’s staging last year… We didn’t need news clippings of what happened in 1944. We know. If Georgia wants to make it to the final, DROP THE VIDEO. Come up with some simple visualizations behind Tako. Or even have clips of a choir behind her, you can’t have a choir on stage but you can have a gospel choir in the video behind her. We don’t need the “pity,” news clippings.

What can Georgia do to win Eurovision 2017?

  • Give Tako a new dress. It looks like Conchita’s but less expensive.
  • Film a Black gospel choir behind her to appear at the breakdown
  • No news clippings in the visualization behind her
  • Make sure Tako preserves her voice and doesn’t waste/damage it by doing too many interviews.
  • Drop the “crowd here me out” lyric. Change it to “Lord hear me out,” or “Oh! Hear me out.”

All in all, I like this entry. The song is ok, but Tako Gachechiladze is amazing. I think it has potential. Good luck Georgia ESC 2017.

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