Reaction: Switzerland, Timebelle and a Not so Divine Apollo

The band Timebelle will carry the Swiss flag in Ukraine singing to the Greek god Apollo. Or so it seems, because from the lyrics it is difficult to figure out how the son of Zeus and Leto is related to the story related in the song. Which leaves with the question: who is Apollo here?

In any case, the entry that does not stay in your head when you hear it for the first time or any other time for that matter. It sounds blunt, but it is the least you can say about a track that is dull and basic; just a regular ballad with little aspiration like so many we have heard before and that we barely remember.

From the title of the song you could expect something epic. The song tries at certain points to sound epic, to lift its tune, but it never reaches the powerful levels that a ballad of this type needs. Quite the opposite: it is weak. You can even say that it is sadly plain.

I like the singer though. Miruna Manescu presents a correct performance for such a poor song. I am rooting for her. She does a nice job but she is dragged down by a tune that seems to have been kept in a composer’s drawer waiting for a chance to hang it on someone.

The song has so little juice that it is even hard to write about it. It is not just a question of liking it or not. The problem here is that the song does not communicate anything. It stirs nothing within you. You are left unmoved, as if you had been listening to silence.

Perhaps there are people who like it. If you do, please explain to me what you see in it. I am still searching.

Despite all of the above, good luck Timebelle and congratulations on your selection!

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