REACTION: Studio versions of UMK Competitors

The Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu competitors have been revealed along with the studio versions of their tracks. Finland is coming into this year’s competition from behind after not qualifying for the final last year. Here is my reaction to the studio versions of this year’s UMK competitors.

Alva, Arrows

Strong start albeit a bit cliche. The hook is good and catchy. The lilt in her voice is a typical scandi tone that I like. The hook isn’t my favorite but it’s strength should be applauded. I predict this will unfortunately fall flat live (idk why). My sixth sense is kicking in and making me worried for poor Alva with “Arrows“.

Anni Saikku, Reach Out For The Sun

The song starts so strong. I instantly said “Yaaas” after the 1st sentence. I love the chorus and how it is punched with the “Ooos“. The vocals are very strong and doesn’t need too much on stage, but I fear the Finland audience may not gravitate towards this track. With that said, this song has a wider appeal that the larger ESC audience can digest.

Club La Perse, My Little World

Ok… I’m kinda in love. There isn’t much to say about the song because on stage this will LIVE. I feel like ESC has gotten a bit too stuffy over the last few years. I’ve been missing a bit of camp and fun in the final. Do I think this will represent Finland? No. Would I be mad if they won? No.  Now the lyrics are trash… I REALLY wish they would have just tried to tell some type of story, but it’s catchy and I will be dancing  in Euroclub.

Emma, Circle of Light

So… this sounds like “Lighthouse,” but it is better in my opinion. I like the mix of dance and real instruments. I hope she performs with live instrumentation. I’m getting some Emmelie De Forest flashbacks too… Hmmm I’m noticing a pattern. I really like the song and she seems like a interesting artist BUT! There is a lack of uniqueness to this package. Perhaps, I’ll change my mind when I see it live.

Günther & D’Sanz, Love Yourself


Knucklebone Oscar & The Shangri-La Rubies, Caveman

Ok… This is fun. This will not win. This should not win. I like the spirit of the song tho.

Lauri Yrjölä, Easy life

This is cute… It is unfortunately Finland’s answer to Sweden’s Hero. Luckily for Lauri, I liked Heros. I like the EDM feel that reminds me of Lativia’s Heartbeat. The unique factor is that it is in Finnish, and I applaud that. Overall it is a catchy song that is fun and at this point I could see it qualifying. Good luck Lauri.

My First Band, Paradise

I think this is going to be a front-runner for the Finnish viewers. I think the staging will be straight forward so it is really going to rest on the quality of the live performance. I actually like the song, but from a Finnish band :-/?!? I’m torn. I wish this was a UK entry… It has an R&B/Island meets pop for summer feel aka it’ll be the perfect pre-summer jam. Ok, the lyrics are terrible. I need the lyrics to recognize “consent” because it is a little too Montenegro ESC 2016. Long story short, the lyrics are creepy man singing to apprehensive woman (not good).  BUT! It is SO CATCHY!

I think this has a really good chance of representing Finland. (and performing well at Eurovision)

Norma John, Blackbird

Where is the intro? Ummm… So, I like the song. The vocals are ethereal and beautiful. The staging will be straightforward and this definitely will dip into the forgettable pile. Honestly, I don’t think this is Eurovision appropriate. I don’t think this will represent Finland, but it is a beautiful song albeit a little dated.

If Finland wants to be in the final, I think they may want to pick another representative because many will find the track and act boring.

Zühlke, Perfect Villain

Where is the intro on this song?? Is Finland not into giving us intros now? The vocalist is strong but the song is ridiculous. The lyrics cheapen the quality vocals served by Zühlke. The staging will be something interesting and who knows? Maybe Finland will pick the Perfect Villain. It’ll be the perfect choice if they want to stay out of the finals.

My Top 5

  1. My First Band, Paradise
  2. Anni Saikku, Reach Out For The Sun
  3. Lauri Yrjölä, Easy life
  4. Emma, Circle of Light
  5. Alva, Arrows

Honorable Mention: Club La Perse, My Little World


Click here to check out the UMK Competitors’ tracks for yourself. 

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