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REACTION: Lucie Jones, Never Give Up On You

Thanks to Brexit, there is no doubt in my mind that the United Kingdom was going to struggle this year at Eurovision and they didn’t exactly help themselves out with this entry. “Never Give Up On You,” is:

  • Dated
  • Boring
  • Cliche
  • A musical theater sendoff

The only thing saving this song is the vocals. Lucie Jones sounds beautiful. she delivers the song with conviction and grace. There is an elegance to the staging and her demeanor which saves the song from Electro Velvet horror. However, this song simply doesn’t cut it. The UK could easily end up with a mere 5 point or dare I say nul?!

The UK was able to gain some momentum last year with Joe & Jake’s infectious “You’re Not Alone.” The track was upbeat, catchy, and sounded British. Many were critical of Joe & Jake but honestly I think those boys got the last laugh. I think this entry will struggle next to the other power ballads from female vocalists.

What can the UK do to get points at Eurovision 2017?

  • Change the song… immediately.
  • Give Lucie actual styling
  • Keep the staging simple

Lucie Jones deserves better. The sincerity she delivered with this dated track leaves me wanting something more substantial for her. If they don’t change this song… I am fearing the worst (Nul Point)


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