Reaction: Lindita leaps from Albania to the World

The 55th Festivali i Kënges saw Lindita win the right to represent Albania at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with Botë (World).

The song has something in it that is difficult to describe. It engulfs you as you listen to it. Maybe it is the mystery of the Albanian language or the tune that goes up as the song unfolds. At the end of it you are satisfied, but perhaps it is no powerful enough to linger long in your memory. It can be easily forgotten and that will play against its performance in the competition.

Saying that the song is plain and basic would be unfair. It rises as it goes, so it does not show all its card as soon as it starts. It tries to tease the audience with the progressive addition of instruments and voices, but it does not seem to attain a mighty effect on the audience. Something else could be added. It is a fair track, but it still feels incomplete.

One thing is clear: the Albanian language must be kept. That is one of the appeals of the whole entry: the lyrics sound beautiful as they are now. The switch to English that Përrallë suffered last year downgraded the song from intriguing to plain. I certainly hope that Albania will not make the same mistake just for the sake of globalization, but knowing that there is an English version of Botë already circulating the prospects are unpromising.

Good luck in May!

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