Reaction: Belarus, NaviBand and the story of their lives

Belarus will be represented by NaviBand with Historyja majho zyccia (Story of my life). Finally the country has chosen a song in Belarusian, which is already a good thing. Maybe one of the very few things that the entry has.

The song is lively and cheerful, but the beat of the tune is confusing and as jumpy as the routine that Arciom Lukjanienka and Ksienija Žuk presented at the national final. I am compelled to thinking that the duo are just trying to appear spontaneous and unconventional. Well, with the latter they succeeded, but their attempted spontaneity looked more like improvisation in the preparation for the performance as well as in its conception. At times you cannot tell whether Ksienija is dancing or just shooing flies, not to mention her springing and twirling with no apparent purpose. All in all they presented a show that could be fitting for a high school performance. Frankly, the staging needs improvement.

I appreciate lyrics in a language that is not English. The use of Belarusian is a positive change for the country. Still, those heys and hey-ye-yos are overused. This is another attempt to look natural and uninhibited, but at the expense of wearing out the listener. This is mean, but the first time I heard the song I had to stop it before the first minute was completed. Besides, to those who, like me, can be quite obnoxious about lyrics, these screams sound more like a padding device to burn track time without having to write lyrics or a meaningful chorus.

Historyja majho zyccia does have some favorable features. It is energetic and vigorous, which can catch the attention of the audience and the juries. The public in the arena will be compelled to jump and scream in unison with the Belarusian singers, and that can be beneficial in terms of the impression that the entry can make.

Another advantage that the song can rely on: it is the most vibrant entry for Eurovision 2017 so far, the other five being practically lullabies. This is a merit that might get diluted when the rest of the competing entries will be chosen, but a powerful first impression can make the entry earn prominence while the Eurovision week comes.

As you analyze the entry you must come to terms with the fact that the heys and hey-ye-yos will catch those who listen to the song and they will feel an urge to replay it in their heads.

As it is at present, Historyja majho zyccia might stand a chance to make it to the final, but I am not fully sure. I do not see it as a winner in any case. Only time will tell.

Still, good luck NaviBand and congratulations on your selection!

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