RANKING: My Top 4 Eurovision 2017 (so far)

We only have 4 songs, and the benefit of that is that it makes it that much more easy for me to set up my first ranking of this Eurovision season. My Eurovision ranking is subject to change at any moment, but this is how I feel today. We’ve got 3 power ballads that are neck and neck in the race and one Belarusian wild card.

The trend of mimicking last year’s winner is in full swing with 3 power ballads led by women. NaviBand maintains their wild card status, but will they keep it as the other entries begin to reveal themselves? Who knows.

Ranking My Top 4

4. Georgia, Tako Gachechiladze

“Keep the Faith”

This song is very generic. The vocals are great and I think Tako (Tamara) Gachechiladze is beautiful and she will deliver vocally. The political “newspaper,” thing in the background is just desperate and played-out.

Sidebar: CHANGE your name to Tamara. Lord, calling you Tako is just silly. Tamara is perfectly fine as a name boo. Give us your government. 

3. The United Kingdom, Lucie Jones

“Never Give Up On You”

Sorry UK, but you gave up on the EU and if you think that isn’t going to affect your jury scores you are wrong. Lucie has great vocals, but the song is a musical theater cast-off track that is dated. I don’t see folks connecting with it. BUT! It isn’t as cliche as Tako’s “Keep the Faith.

2. Albania, Lindita Halimi


I don’t know what the translation/revamp to this song will be, but I still think this power ballad is the top ballad so far. Linditia’s vocals are too powerful and the “Aah” section of the song is entrancing.

1. Belarus, NaviBand

“Historyja majho zyccia”

This song is unique. It will not be forgotten and I think it’ll do really well in Kiev this May. The authenticity of the act is just palpable, and it resonates.

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