OPINION: Semi Final 1 Qualifiers, Eurovision 2017

It’s finally here. Eurovision 2017 has begun. The 1st rehearsals have started and everyone is abuzz. On May 9th, 2017, the first semi final will happen in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Here are my predictions for who is the most likely to qualify for the final and why.

Sweden, I Can’t Go On, Robin Bengtsson

For Sweden to not qualify this year would be a travesty. Yes, I said it. After seeing Robin’s Melfest heat performance it shot up to my favorite. Robin is going to deliver on stage. The song is both fun and adult. The treadmill choreography is BACK and his dancers are too (so HOT!). This deserves to be in the final and I am expecting a top 5 finish.

Australia, Don’t Come Easy, Isaiah

This song is SO GOOD. Isaiah is bringing a real maturity to the stage, The staging is slightly unexpected, but this power ballad isn’t lacking in power. Australia may not get huge points from the televote but I do expect the juries to come behind this. I am unsure if this will finish top 10 but I do think it will be in the final.

Belgium, City Lights, Blanche

I know… I know… Blanche has the charism of a pineapple. We’ve not heard the best things about her rehearsals. HOWEVER… The song is just so much better than the bulk of tracks this year. Because of that I do still expect to see this in the final. Blanche is young and as I’ve written before she does not have that comfortability factor a seasoned performer would have. As long as Blanche feels comfortable and sings she will be fine.

Azerbaijan, Skeletons, DiHaj

This may not resonate with people at home but I can’t see this NOT qualifying. The production quality of the track is so much higher than other tracks. DiHaj is bringing the “cool factor ” to ESC along with Triana Park. Azerbaijan will be in the final and I think a top 10 finish could be in the cards.

Latvia, Line, Triana Park

The track is just COOL. It’s wild but not off-putting. It’s fun without being silly. It’s adult without being inappropriate. This song is current and intriguing. Agnes needs to make sure she isn’t pitchy, the vocals need to be cleaned up. This is Suicide Squad chic and I am in love.

Armenia, Fly With Me, Artsvik

YES! YES! YES! Ethno-pop realness. Armenia has done it again. Armenia knows how to make something ethnic and current. Her vocals are going to be perfect. She is going to look beautiful and the song stands out this year. #TeamArmenia

Portugal,  Amar Pelos Dois, Salvador Sobral

Classic. I find it hard to truly put my feelings about this song into words. I love this song. The throwback quality and authenticity are working to make this song a clear standout. Yes, it is divisive but I am hopeful that Europeans will think about Lisbon in May. Salvador is so sincere and the song is just lovely… Lovely…

Poland, Flashlight, Kasia Mos

This is going to qualify. I like the song. I think the diaspora will REALLY help her but the track is strong. Kasia can sing and she deserves to be in the final.

Greece, This is Love, Demy

I do not think this should qualify. I think it will since people apparently like Demy so much. This vocal is simple. The track is dated. I do not understand the hype around this song. Yes, the track is fun and dance-y. I think this has the chance to make it in the final, but I do not think it deserves to be there.

Moldova, Hey Mama, SunStroke Project

Kitsch goes to Moldova this year over Montenegro. I love this track. It is fun. It is catchy. It actually isn’t completely dated. I could actually see this making it’s way into the final.


  • Iceland, Paper, Svala: I want this in the final. I really like the track but I don’t know if people at home are going to go for this.
  • Montenegro, Space, Slavko Kalezić: Yes it is camp-tastic. However, the song and onstage performance are just so WILD— I’d love it in the final
  • Albania, Lindita, World: Lindita’s voice is amazing but this song just falls flat for me… She has a voice for the FINAL though.
  • Finland, Blackbird, Norma John: I don’t think people are going to gravitate towards this. I think it’ll fade for televoters and I also don’t think the jury will boost this as much as people would think.
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