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Odds Check: Eurovision 2016

Russia in the lead and Sweden in second place has been the norm for the past couple of months. Finally we have a shakeup and I’m pleased to announce that France is in the number two position.

Current Positions via oddschecker

  1. Russia
  2. France
  3. Australia
  4. Sweden
  5. Ukraine

If you read my opinion piece on France‘s entry- you know I’m a fan. Amir brings a quiet confidence to J’ai cherché, which will stand in stark contrast next to the bombastic, You’re The Only One.  The top five in the betting odds are all worthy of taking top honors at this year’s competition.

In the top 10 missing from this list are Malta, Latvia, Armenia, Serbia and Spain. I’d bet that we may see Armenia “tick” up the list a little bit more. If the Eurovision parties continue to go well, Malta may propel itself to the top 5. This top five is really strong, but I am thinking that Sweden will begin to lose momentum as we get closer to the song contest.

In third place is newbie, Australia. Australia has brought another strong entry to the contest with Dami Im’s Sound of Silence. My prediction is that if Australia were to win, they would not host Eurovision 2017. I predict that they would go on to host their own Eurovision styled show in the Asian Pacific. They already have the rights… so this isn’t exactly far fetched.

Who would host if Australia doesn’t? Germany volunteered last year. Russia wants to host. Sweden would probably volunteer again because– why not!? Finally, I think the UK could step up to host.

How do feel about the new betting odds top 5?

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