Eurovision 2016 Review – Moldova

Have we heard this before? Yes. Is the song bad? No. Will we see Lidia Isac in the final? Probably not. Lidia and the song won O Melodie Pentru Europa and although I don’t see it in the final this song has the potential to surprise us all in Stockholm.

The staging is what will do this song favors. Moldova knows how to “wow” on stage so I’m willing to give this act a chance. Lidia will need flawless vocals, and I think she can give us that.

The sky is tumbling, it’s coming down coming down
the wildest fire
is burning out, out
And when our fall torn us to pieces
All of our love turned into dust
We’re the brightest falling stars

This song is easily digestible pop and I appreciate the lightness of the track. Last year was so heavy and I’m glad Eurovision 2016 is bringing some fun. We desperately need some female energy this year and I wouldn’t be mad to have Lidia’s presence on the stage in Stockholm, Sweden.

Would you rather be a Falling Star or Made of Stars?

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