Eurovision 2016 Review – Bulgaria

Poli must be in the Eurovision final. “If Love Was A Crime,” may not be bringing lyrical depth (I think the lyrics are fine) but it is serving bi-lingual pop magic. There is so much right in this song. Poli’s vocal styling has a raspy lilt, backed with power. Where some entries this year sound hollow, this song is filled with horns that drive this anthemic love song.

Poli is a seasoned professional and will join other notable acts in this year’s competition. Eurovision 2016 is STRONG, but I believe Bulgaria will find itself not only in the finals, but possibly finishing top 10. Did you know she voice Judy Hoop for Bulgaria’s version of Zootopia? That is just one more reason to love this entry.

Bulgaria has struggled to qualify before, and some have criticized Genova’s performances at the Eurovision parties. What happens in Stockholm, Sweden will be the decider. I think Bulgaria will rise to the occasion and with “If Love Was A Crime,” as their song it’ll be hard for this to not qualify.

О, дай ми любовта

О, дай ми любовта

О, дай ми любовта

Where is Bulgaria in your Eurovision 2016 list?

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