Day 5 Rehearsals: Eurovision 2016 (Semi Final 1)

Prepared to be surprised by…

Greece: This was not a song I was enthusiastic about before, but the on stage presentation makes me feel much better about the song and it should make you feel

The Netherlands: Douwe Bob was definitely a highlight of today. There is a moment of silence that I am hoping will be filled with cheers in the arena.

Estonia: The song is giving retro vibes and so is the staging. His voice is consistent. All in all nothing to worry about.

Armenia: Iveta is giving Beyonce hologram realness. The performance is vocally challenging and Iveta rises to the occasion. This may not read the same in the stadium as it does on television because of its use of technology, but Iveta’s vocals are show stopping.

San Marino: The disco version is happening, and HAPPENING. You heard it here first, San Marino might qualify. The silver clad dancers writhe around Serhat who stays ultra cool. It may not qualify, but it is not the train-wreck some were predicting.

Montenegro: The staging is fresh and they’ve mad a few tweaks from the 1st rehearsal. The performance is strong, but the song still doesn’t seem to have many fans. I wouldn’t expect this to qualify.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: The vocals are amazing and the staging stands out. With a favorable placing in the show order I think it could qualify but it is on the fence.

Prepare to feel some disappointment with…

Finland: Sandhja gives a valiant effort but somehow gets lost on the

Moldova: This won’t qualify….

Croatia: I don’t know what Croatia is doing other than hurting their chances at a top 5 finish that so many fans were wanting. The only win this act will receive it the Barbara Dex award.

Azerbaijan: The staging is amazing. The vocals leave something to be desired. It will still qualify.

Spain: I hate for an act to be ruined by styling. Spain’s 1st rehearsal was underwhelming to say the least. There is a lot that should be tweaked. The camera angels are off. The backing dancers choreography should to get the crowd hype and they need new outfits. Barei has an amazing figure and I don’t know why she is not embracing it. I want her in a crop top with high waisted booty shorts rocking the stage like the cool girl she is.

You’ll be satisfied by-

Hungry: The song is good. Freddie sounds good. I wasn’t worried about this entry at any point during rehearsals week. “Pioneer” deserves to be in the final.

Russia: This deserves every bit of hype it has received. The entry is so good! The entry is better than good, it is mind blowing.

Czech Republic: The performance in the arena is so good. Everything about the performance is bubblegum sweet but with such a tough semi I must admit I’m a little nervous about it qualifying. There is a little gem lost when the performance is broadcasted. The show running is also not helping Gabriela

Cyprus: They took out the Microsoft Movie Maker transition! The heavens heard my prayers and gave me the Cyrpus show I always wanted.

Austria: As my European friends would say, “The song is dated.” The song’s bubbly feel is depicted on stage with ease. Zoe interacts with the animations behind her and looks beutiful on camera.

Iceland: There have been a few tweaks from the first rehearsal and the show is much better. Iceland is being slightly underestimated by the press, and it shouldn’t be. This should and could make it to the final.

Malta: The clearly pregnant (allegedly) Ira Losco is killing this performance. She looks amazing and her vocals aren’t anything to be questioned. The staging saw a few tweaks for the better and she was wearing a different dress. I think they’ll bring back the LED projection dress in the dress rehearsal but we will see.

France: Many of the press have slated the 1st rehearsal. I had the privilege of watching this rehearsal with fellow France fans and we were very pleased. If you love this song, you will not be let down.

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