Cyprus: My impressions from the first rehearsal (ESC+Plus in Stockholm)

It is no mystery the Cyprus is one of my favorites this year, so I’m going to need show producer to quickly get their lives.


Minus One is offering a song that is NOT your run of the mill rock entry. The first rehearsal gave glimpses of what could be but I think producers are taking the “rock genre” not too hard. Just because and entry is a rock entry does not mean it should be staged like a “rock entry”. Should it be staged like ZOË’s Loin D’Ici? No, but it doesn’t have to be so cliché.

The vocals were studio quality and the band looked great. I really don’t have any feedback for Minus One. At one point a camera transition was used that reminded me of Window Movie Maker and it was not a pleasant nostalgic moment. There were graphics of wolves and cages which is fitting, but honestly they could have projected more of the imagery from the music video.

I have high standards for this piece because it is one of my favorites and I wantno NEED this act to shine.

This entry is great. Heck! I wouldn’t mind going to Cyprus for Eurovision next year. So show producers, do what you can to make sure this entry isn’t a joke because cliche rock staging would be a shame.



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