Belgium: Eurosong 2016 – Who Will Win?

I am really curious to see what Belgium brings this year to Eurovision 2016. I loved Loic’s performance and was pulling for Belgium last year. I even suggested in my vlog that Loic return this year.

So he may not be returning but Belgium has some AWESOME potential acts. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Belgium is walking into Eurovision 2016 as a front runner. I suspect that they could win the entire song contest and with the following possible representatives the outlook is positive.

We may have to wait till the 17th to find out who will represent Belgium. We may only have spinets of the studio versions (and some live video) but that doesn’t mean we can’t start picking our favorites!

My Top Picks!

Please Note: I’m am going to compare my opinions of the live and studio versions.

Tom- “I’m Not Lost”

This song is already stuck in my head. The song is upbeat and it motivates me. Honestly it is my front-runner from the bunch. I don’t know what other countries are bringing but this song could totally be in the Eurovision final.

Live: Tom is selling this song and I am right there with him. His vocals are clear and you can really tell that he loves this song. I think he should listen to some Andy Grammer, Honey I’m Good before he performs. He definitely wants to be at Eurovision 2016!

Laura – “What’s The Pressure”

If this sounds a little familiar to you, it should. I’m getting flashbacks of “Tonight Again” by Guy Sebastian. The song is undoubtedly catchy but it also puts a lot of pressure on Laura to rise to the occasion and deliver.

Live: The styling is right. The visuals behind her were fitting. Now Laura needs to meet with a vocal coach to ensure that every single note is hit with perfection. The song is fun. She should have fun on stage, but she should also be on key and pitch. I’d say that she should add Beyonce’s Love on Top to her pre-performance playlist.

Amaryllis – “Kick The Habit”

So, I’m not in love with this song, but I commend it for being different. It has a nice tempo. Oddly, I feel like this song could be from UK. Her vocals are crisp and clear. There’s a nice throwback feel– but the on stage performance will really make or break this act.

Live: I need Amaryllis to sell this song for me. The song is great. Her vocals are amazing. Now she needs to sell this performance to us. She should listen to Demi Lovato’s Confident  before she gets on stage.

Adil – “In Our Nature”

The playing field is so strong for Belgium this year. This song may have won 2 or 3 years ago but I think it may be over shadowed. The competition is strong and Adil may not make it through.

Live: Adil clearly likes this song and is selling it on stage. The performance doesn’t elevate this song to top 10 Eurovision finalist–but I could see why some might like it. Adil, listen to Adam Lambert’s Another Lonely Night before you get out on stage.

Astrid – “Everybody Aches”

I love Astrid’s vocals. The song is catchy, but I definitely think it might get out shined by the other contestants. The vibe is good and maybe she can come back to Eurosong next year.

Live: Astrid is vibe-ing and doing exactly what she needs to be doing for this song. Being based in the states, I must confess. I hear songs and vocalists like her all the time. Am I “wow’d”? No. Do I like the song? Yes. Will it win? I am not so sure. I think she should channel a little more pop diva and slip Robyn’s Hang With Me into her playlist.

My Ranking

  1. Tom- “I’m Not Lost”
  2. Amaryllis – “Kick The Habit”
  3. Laura – “What’s The Pressure”
  4. Astrid – “Everybody Aches”
  5. Adil – “In Our Nature”

Listen to the selections and pick your favorites!

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