OGAE Second Chance 2019 Winner Announced

Each year the OGAE fan clubs hold the Second Chance contest, in which songs that did not make it to Eurovision from national finals, compete for votes Eurovision style.

This year, OGAE Italy hosted the proceedings after Annalisa won the 2018 OGAE Second Chance contest for her Sanremo entry.

Over the summer, each fan club was able to vote amongst the selected Second Chance finalists:

  1. Lorena – “Tower of Babylon” (Croatia)
  2. Barbora Mochowa – “True Colours” (Czech Republic)
  3. The Middletonz – “Roses” (Hungary)
  4. Edgars Kreilis – “Cherry Absinthe” (Latvia)
  5. Julie and Nina – “League of Light” (Denmark)
  6. Mirud – “Nene” (Albania)
  7. Lumervav ft Inga – “Milline Päev” (Estonia)
  8. Anna Bergendahl – “Ashes to Ashes” (Sweden)
  9. Surma – “Pugna” (Portugal)
  10. Maxim Zavidia – “I Will Not Surrender” (Moldova)
  11. Darude ft Sebastian Rejman – “Superman” (Finland)
  12. Mørland – “En Livredd Mann” (Norway)
  13. Friðrik Ómar – “Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað?” (Iceland)
  14. Bella Santiago – “Army of Love” (Romania)
  15. Kazka – “Apart” (Ukraine)
  16. Seemone – “Tous Les Deux” (France)
  17. Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings – “Moje Bol” (Serbia)
  18. Aly Ryan – “Wear Your Love” (Germany)
  19. Kerrie-Anne – “Sweet Lies” (United Kingdom)
  20. Electric Fields – “2000 and Whatever” (Australia)
  21. María Villar – “Muérdeme” (Spain)
  22. Il Volo – “Musica Che Resta” (Italy)
  23. Ula Lozar – “Fridays” (Slovenia)
  24. Monika Marija – “Light On” (Lithuania)

Once all the results were revealed, France’s Seemone narrowly prevented another Italian victory with her Destination Eurovision entry, ‘Tous Le Deux’

You can catch the full voting seqeuence and presentation below:

Did the right song win? Did your favorite miss out? Let us know in the comments

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