Norway: MGP 2017 hosts announced

NRK announced the hosts of MGP 2017 and these are Kåre Magnus Bergh and Line Elvåshagen.

Kåre Magnus is no new face to MGP as he has already hosted the contest in 2015 and 2016 with Silya Nymoen by his side. This year Line Elvåshagen will accompany Kåre Magnus on stage.

“Oh my God, this is fantastic! I love MGP with all my heart. I like to say that it is one of the best nights of the year. It definitely has the same status as Christmas Eve in my eyes.”, said Line and she added that her favorite Eurovision entry is Moldova’s in 2009.

When asked about Line, Kåre Magnus said “She’s a weird, funny, talented and fearless energy bomb with pink hair who loves MGP. I am very excited to work with her, a cool lady with an infectious laugh.”

Line is very pleased with Kåre Magnus by her side and she adds: “What would I do without him? He is my safe haven in unsafe waters. I’m sure there will be lots of laughs and great atmosphere.”

“We must celebrate!”, even though Line admits that this sounds bombastic out, she thinks that MGP and Eurovision are important events that bind people across national borders. “I like the idea that, in spite of conflicts, we enjoy the music in clubs and rooting for each other. There are plenty of boring things in the world, we must celebrate fun and craziness.” Kåre Magnus agrees, “Of course we must have songs that speak to us and have to be taken seriously, but the important thing is the positive thoughts. The humor is what separates MGP from other music competitions. It is important to hold on to it.”

Next step: The announcement of the artists

The hosts are very excited to announce the top ten acts that will compete in this year’s MGP. The artists will be revealed in February.

“I’ve got goose bumps several times and wanted to dance when I heard the songs. I am simply mega proud of what Norway has to offer this year!” says Line and Kåre Magnus continues, “Yes, there is something for grandma and something for your kids. There are songs that can do really well in Eurovision. Or we could even go for the victory!”

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Source:  NRK
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