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Norway: Listen to the songs competing in MGP 2015

The songs of the norwegian national final, which will be competing on the 14th of March on Melodi Grand Prix 2015 have just been present on NRK.

You can listen to them below:

  1. Alexandra Joner – “Cinderella
  2. Contrazt – “Heaven
  3. Erlend Bratland – “Thunderstruck
  4. Ira Konstantinidis – “We Don’t Worry
  5. Jenny Langlo – “Next to You
  6. Karin Park – “Human Beings
  7. Marie Klåpbakken – “Ta meg tilbake
  8. Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – “A Monster Like Me
  9. Raylee – “Louder
  10. Stasyman Lazz – “En godt stekt pizza
  11. Tor & Elisabeth Andreassen (Bettan) – “All Over the World

After some years, NRK has decided to bring back the orchestra and the winner will be selected from a single show set on March 14.

As announced earlier, the Melodi Grand Prix 2015 will take place in the Oslo Spektrum and it will be hosted by SiLyA and Kåre Magnus Bergh.


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