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Netherlands 2024: Will Joost Klein represent this country in the upcoming contest?

On November 25th 2023 there was supposedly hot news during a performance in the Lotto Arena in the Belgian city of Antwerp, because famous Belgian YouTuber Acid told the present audience that no one less than Joost Klein will compete in the upcoming contest in Malmö (Sweden) for the Netherlands. The management of Joost Klein does not confirm this news, which came out of the blue.

Hot news

The thing that happened to make this hot news came about was the following: During a concert of Joost Klein in the Belgian city of Antwerp, Belgian YouTube Acid came on-stage, and screamed: “I have hot news, something nobody knows yet! You guys are the first ones that hear about it, but Joost Klein is going to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest!” The ordeal left the audience dazed and confused.

Joost Klein’s wish

Joost Klein really wants to compete in the contest for the Netherlands, he said it more than once before. During a Dutch interview, he stated that he really wants to compete for the Netherlands, and that this has been a goal of his since his childhood. He even stated that in his blood runs the DNA of Eurovision. He also said that he really makes Eurovision-worthy music.

Source: Music by Joost Klein on his official YouTube channel


Dutch singer Joost Klein has got a lot of back-up from media and fans. There is even a Dutch radio station (NPO 3FM) that started a survey, collecting 25,000 signatures of people who want Joost Klein to compete in Eurovision. Joost Klein himself posted a picture on his Instagram that states: “12 points to the Netherlands. Joost Klein for Eurovision.” The post was widespread on social media.

Nothing is confirmed just yet

Nothing is confirmed just yet, even the management of Joost Klein did not give any statements, because the Dutch national broadcaster, AVROTROS, is the one that will make the news public whenever there is news about the Netherlands’ next representative. AVROTROS has said that the announcement of the Dutch contestant will be in the middle of December 2023.

The Dutch internal selection committee received more than 600 songs to compete in the upcoming contest, and the thing we do know that there is a shortlist, since many Dutch artists have been informed that they are not the one that is going to compete in Malmö (Sweden).

Eurovision 2023

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 the Netherlands was represented by Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper with the song “Burning Daylight”. The Netherlands had its worst result in years, making it only to the 13th (of 15) place in Semi-final 1, thus not making it to the Grand Final.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

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