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Moldova: Meet the 11 Finalists of Etapa Națională 2024

TRM Reveals Results and Final List for Moldova's National Final for Eurovision 2024

TeleRadio-Moldova (TRM) has unveiled the results of the auditions, announcing the 11 artists who have qualified for the February finals. These finalists will compete for the chance to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 scheduled for May 7, 9, and 11 in Malmö.

Throughout the live auditions, participants showcased their skills, with a particular emphasis on live performances of their songs. The final selection considered elements such as wardrobe and stage conception. TRM recorded and broadcasted the live performances, exclusively evaluated by the jury. Scores were based on criteria such as melodic quality, originality, and performance, using a scale from 0 to 12.

The outcome of Etapa Națională 2024 is set for February 17, with live coverage on Moldova 1 TV. The Grand Final, featuring finalists in a predetermined order determined by a draw, will involve a combination of jury votes and televoting. The winning candidate will have the highest total score. In case of a tie, the procedure is unspecified. Detailed jury results will be published online for transparency.

Get to know the selected artists

In the February final, 11 artists will compete, including notable names like Nicoleta Sava, known for her 2018 entry “La Esencia del Sur,” and Natalia Barbu, Moldova’s representative in Eurovision 2007.

  • Natalia Barbu: “In the middle”
  • Valeria Pasha: “Anti-princess”
  • Iulia Teleucă: “Runaway”
  • Cătălina Solomac: “Fever”
  • OL (Olga Lisicova): “No time no space”
  • Viola Julea: “Light up!”
  • Reghina Alexandrina: “Contrasens”
  • Victor Gulick: “Fever”
  • Nicoleta Sava: “Bravo”
  • Sasha Letty: “DNA”
  • Y-Limit (Roman Lupu): “Revolution”

Natalia Barbu – «In the middle»

Iulia Teleucă – «Runaway»

O L – «No Time No Space»

Reghina Alexandrina – «Contrasens»

Nicoleta Sava – «Bravo»


Valeria Pasha – «Anti-Princess»

Cătălina Solomac – «Fever»

Viola Julea – «¡Light up!»

Victor Gulick – «Fever»

Sasha Letty – «DNA»

Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest

Since its debut in 2005, Moldova has maintained a consistent presence at the Eurovision Song Contest, leaving a notable mark over the years. Notable successes include Zdob și Zdub’s second-place finish in the semifinals and sixth place in the grand final in 2005.

Throughout Moldova’s Eurovision history, they have reached the final 11 out of 16 times. A highlight came in 2017 when SunStroke Project secured third place with the catchy “Hey, Mamma!” amassing 374 points, the country’s best performance to date.

Despite its successful history, Moldova has faced challenges in recent years, with four non-qualifications in the last seven participations since 2014 (in 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2019). Moldova maintains a solid average of 120.18 points in the grand final, solidifying its position as a respected Eurovision participant.

Despite the ups and downs, Moldova’s ability to surprise and captivate the European audience through unique performances has been a constant. A prime example is DoReDos, whose song “My Lucky Day” and historic staging earned 209 points, securing a tenth-place finish in the final standings.


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