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Moldova Chooses Natalia Barbu with the Song “In the Middle” as Flagbearer for Eurovision 2024

The public and jury have selected Moldova's representative for Eurovision 2024 after a tight voting process.

The thrilling final of Etapa Naţională 2024 has concluded at TRM studios, where Natalia Barbu has emerged victorious and will have the honor of representing Moldova at Eurovision 2024 with the song “In the Middle.” The winner was determined through a fair combination of jury votes and televoting, each accounting for 50%.

After completing audition rounds and meticulously selecting finalists, TeleRadio-Moldova has successfully concluded Etapa Naţională 2024. With the detailed audition scores released and the performance order of the 11 finalists established, the crucial event determining Moldova’s flagbearer at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, to be held on May 7, 9, and 11 in Malmö, has taken place.

A total of eleven artists competed in the grand final after surpassing two previous pre-selection rounds. All presented their entries in full compliance with the public television’s requirements. The final of Etapa Naţională 2024 commenced at 8:00 PM CET and was broadcast live on Moldova 1 TV. Besides airing on Moldova 1 TV, the final was also broadcast on six other television channels in 11 different countries. Thus, the Eurovision national final was accessible to viewers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Ireland, Italy, and Great Britain.

Complete Results of Etapa națională 2024

The winner of Etapa Naţională 2024 was selected through a mixed system of 50% jury votes and 50% televotes. The entry with the highest score was declared the winner. Natalia Barbu secured the first place in the jury vote with a total of 60 points, followed by singer Valeria Pasha with 43 points and singer Iulia Teleucă with 40 points.

Natalia Barbu“In the Middle”121022
Valeria Pasha“Anti-Princess”101222
Iulia Teleucă“Runaway”8816
Cătălina Solomac“Fever”7714
Viola Julea“Light Up!”459
Reghina Alexandrina“Contrasens”369
Nicoleta Sava“Bravo”538
OL“No Time No Space”617
Sasha Letty“DNA”246
Victor Gulick“Fever”101

Regarding the public vote, Valeria Pasha was the Moldovan favorite; however, the points tally resulted in a technical tie between Valeria and Natalia. In the event of a tie, the jury acts as the tiebreaker, ultimately awarding victory to Natalia Barbu and her song “In the Middle,” which placed second in the popular vote.

Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest

Since its debut, Moldova’s presence at the Eurovision Song Contest has been memorable, reaching the final 11 times. In its debut year, 2005, Moldova impressed Europe with the group Zdob și Zdub and their song “Boonika Bate Toba,” achieving second place in the semifinal and later securing sixth place in the final with 148 points.

Despite various challenges, Moldova continued its Eurovision journey. In 2006, with Arsenium & Natalia Gordienko’s participation and their song “Loca,” however, their entry, tainted by controversy in the national selection, garnered only 22 points, finishing in twentieth place.

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